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Private Gold

James Patterson’s BookShots with Jassy Mackenzie. Short, fast-paced, high-impact entertainment.

Private Johannesburg is closing down…

After the tragic suicide of his partner, Khosi, Joey Montague is packing up the branch of Private they’d set up in Johannesburg with US owner Jack Morgan. The investigation agency will be scaled down until Joey can recover from this devastating loss.

As he’s loading the removal van, Joey receives a call from an American woman who has just landed in the city and needs his help. But what at first seems to be a simple protection job soon becomes a matter of life and death – not just for his client, but for Joey himself.

Pale Horses

Pale horses US cover pale horses cover

When base jumper Sonet Meintjies plummets to her death from the top of a Sandton skyscraper, her jumping partner insists that it was no accident. Recovering from the end of her tricky relationship with police superintendent David Patel and trying to deal with the ugliness of her last job, P.I. Jade de Jong is initially reluctant to take on the case. But after initial investigations reveal that the victim worked to help impoverished communities, and that one of these communities has disappeared entirely, their houses razed to the ground, she cannot walk away.
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The Fallen (US) / Worst Case (SA)

The Fallen cover Worst Case cover

“A white-knuckle thriller with an utterly chilling finale and twists you’ll never anticipate. I raced through this book and wanted more!” Tess Gerritsen

P.I. Jade de Jong’s holiday becomes a nightmare when a dive instructor at the scuba resort is found brutally stabbed to death. The only clue is a cryptic postcard in her room. Jade and her estranged lover David Patel put aside their differences and start the hunt, uncovering a massive organised crime operation Continue reading

Random Violence

Random Violence US cover Random violence cover

“In a place where life is cheap, it’s easy for a killer to profit.”

A dark winter’s evening. A lonely smallholding outside Johannesburg. A brutal shooting. The murder of solitary divorcee Annette Botha appears to be a botched hijacking, just another senseless crime in the surge of violence sweeping South Africa.

With his career at stake, newly promoted police superintendent David Patel is desperate to get results on this case. Continue reading

My Brother’s Keeper

My brother’s keeper cover

“Truly compelling… A smart, page-turning thriller populated with living, breathing characters, one of the most memorable being Jo’burg itself.”Jeffery Deaver

Arriving at a highway accident scene on a stormy night, Jo’burg paramedic Nick Kenyon finds only one victim – a critically injured young woman in the car’s passenger seat. In the ambulance, Nick agrees to take her phone and make an urgent call for her. He doesn’t know that the missing driver is part of a ruthless gang of robbers planning their biggest-ever heist – and Nick’s actions have just made him a target.

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