Pale Horses

Pale horses US cover pale horses cover

When base jumper Sonet Meintjies plummets to her death from the top of a Sandton skyscraper, her jumping partner insists that it was no accident. Recovering from the end of her tricky relationship with police superintendent David Patel and trying to deal with the ugliness of her last job, P.I. Jade de Jong is initially reluctant to take on the case. But after initial investigations reveal that the victim worked to help impoverished communities, and that one of these communities has disappeared entirely, their houses razed to the ground, she cannot walk away.

Digging deeper for answers, Jade learns of a mystery disease that swept through the entire community, killing everyone except for a mother and her son, whose whereabouts are unknown. When Sonet’s journalist sister goes missing, Jade is desperate to find them, especially when her own life is under threat as a result. A deadly harvest has been gathered in, and the only person who knows the truth about it has been forced to become collateral in its trade …