Praise for Random Violence

“A fast-paced, relevant thriller exposing the grim, violent world of Johannesburg. Hijackings, corrupt cops, vigilantes and shady construction deals. It’s all here. She details the pace, mood and tensions of the city with a keen eye. It was surprisingly engaging to read a novel set in a familiar setting…. It’s encouraging to see new authors emerge from the local scene with such strong, compelling voices. We look forward to her next book.”

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“Local writer Jassy Mackenzie delivers a thriller that will, hopefully, prove the first of many… It’s the individual characters, whether snooty suburbanites or fearful pensioners, who make this so realistic. The scene-setting will resonate with Gauteng readers, as too will the sense of doom at the hands of criminals unchecked by any effective policing.”

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“Jassy Mackenzie’s debut novel, Random Violence, presents a series of calculated crimes inspired by good ol’ greed and a liberal dash of psychosis… The book is your typical fast-paced cops and robbers crime novel with a variety of interesting twists, but it has a sexy, take-no-nonsense female sleuth at the helm of the story to spice it up,”

Carly Ritz – The Times 

In Mariana Malan’s review in the Afrikaans newspaper, Die Burger, she explains that Random Violence gives readers a fascinating look at the shady side of Johannesburg, and that the book grips from the very first chapter, where the description of the hijacking will leave readers in a nervous sweat.

Mariana Malan – Die Burger Read full review »

The plot has more than its fair share of nice twists, and Mackenzie does a superb job of making the reader care for her gutsy lead while offering a glimpse at life in South Africa after apartheid. Readers will wish Jade a long fictional career. (Apr.)

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