Soaring cover

Fencer and model Claire Harvey has never forgotten the searing, passionate encounter with a handsome stranger on her first international flight. Then, as an up-and-coming superstar, she had the world at her feet. Now, her marriage is on the rocks, recent scandal has derailed her career, and she’s flat broke after her sponsors have pulled out.

Desperate to escape the furor, Claire flies to a small town in Ireland, only to come face to face with the man she recognizes from that long-ago flight. Her stranger turns out to be media mogul Patrick Maguire, and the spark between them is as intense as ever.

Even as she’s drawn into a smoldering affair, Claire’s past is catching up with her. When new photos of her hit the press, she realizes that she’s being targeted, and that Patrick’s presence is no coincidence. Fearful to trust again, Claire must decide whether following her heart will mean a one-way ticket to disaster, or a second chance at happiness.